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Welcome to The Field!

Posted by: Bisa (July 7th 2018)

Welcome to The Field! We are currently a group of two content creators who simply want to entertain by bringing you international content focused in different categories of pop-culture. Anything from the sectors of music, motion picture and gaming is good to go and will be provided for you free of charge on YouTube.

This is simply meant as a short introductory post to tell you what The Field is. We will soon post our own short introductions in our target languages to let you know who we are and what kind of content you can expect from us.

The website you are currently on is still in heavy development and in an unfinished state. While what's present should work, we can't promise perfect functionality just yet. The next addition will be separate pages for each member of The Field to allow you to view the entirety of a member's library of content. Soon after we will try to offer our own video-host independent from YouTube, however this is heavily resource dependent and might be a while off.

Have fun looking around! - Bisa

More Posts Coming Soon!